Lynn Waters

Singer, Songwriter, Teacher, Builder.... Lynn has worn many hats over the course of his life. This website is dedicated to him and his journey.

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What He Has Been Through

Diagnosed in 2001 with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (cancer in lymph nodes in neck)

- 30 radiation treatments

- Weekly chemotherapy

- Cancer free since, but many problems have arisen due to these treatments

In 2009 underwent a 12-hour surgery to correct muscle spasms in neck and jaw

- 30 pre-surgery hyperbaric treatments

- 10 post-surgery hyperbaric treatments

- No muscle spasms since

Has to get his esophagus stretched every 3-4 months to allow him to swallow (if not then he would be on feeding tube)

Teeth started breaking down due to lack of saliva

- Bacteria from deterioration of teeth caused severe pneumonia

- Had root canal and crown on every single tooth

Note: Radiation treatments caused a lack of blood flow to many areas of the jaw and neck initiating most of the recurring and subsequent medical problems such as loss of saliva glands, extensive scar tissue internally, muscle deterioration, and damage to the esophagus

What's Next

In 2010 found out he had a fracture in his right mandible (jaw). He was diagnosed with osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ). ONJ or "dead jaw" is a rare bone disease in which the jaw bone deteriorates and dies. The treatment is a 15-hour surgery involving removing the dead bone in the jaw and replacing it with a bone from the leg along with blood supply and tissue from the extraction site and multiple skin grafts.

The recovery would be 6 months for the bone, blood supply and tissue graft. At least another 6 additional surgeries would be required to remove the grafts. This is a last resort treatment because of the physical, psychological, and emotional struggles.

The Other Option

There is a doctor in Madrid, Spain that does a special stem cell treatment where bone marrow is taken from the hip and allowed to cultivate. Dead cells in the jawbone are then replaced with these new cells. In every case the bone is healed in 6-8 weeks. Dental work is even allowed in 6-12 months. The success rate is extremely high.

What's Needed

This surgery in Madrid has been approved and can be done as soon as they can get there. The estimated expense for travel and the procedure is around $75,000. They are trying to sell their house to come up with this money.

Please don't let this happen. Help Lynn and his family.